Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week Four: Comments to Alyson's post

Alyson's Post:

This month has gotten me thinking a lot about my future and where I want to go, both in my personal and professional life. There has been a lot going on for me, the possibility of my school district closing, looking to purchase a house with my Fiance, our wedding next winter, and finishing my degree at Full Sail. The reading we’ve been doing in The Art of Possibility has really got me thinking about how I view the world in all areas of my life. It’s easy with my school district facing difficulties and the prospect of no job to think negatively, like there is no possibility. However, if you think about it, it opens up a whole world of opportunities for me. I could get a job teaching music in a different district or try to get a technology teaching position or even make a transition to the corporate world.
My Family, Christmas 2010
pictured from left to right
Mom, Alyson (me), Sydney (dog), Mallory, Baxter Bigglesworth (orange cat), Dad, Mr. Milo Quibbles (gray/black cat)
With all these options and new experiences open to me I need to start thinking about what path I want, what will make me happy. I think I’d like to try my hand in the corporate world. I have past experience as an administrative assistant working in the tax, IT, billing and HR departments. I would have the resume needed to be part of or lead new product training for a company. My role model for this possible transition would be my mom. She took her work experiences and went from a pharmacy clerk to a pharmaceutical software company tester to a project manager, to the Director of an IT department at a gas company. She wasn’t afraid of becoming part of a new industry, and proved that her experiences, though not from that industry, could help her be a great asset to every company she worked for. She was even willing to move to a new state for her current job, leaving every part of her comfort zone to do it. What makes me most proud of my mom is that she has done all of this without a college degree. If she can do this without a degree I (with my 2 degrees) better be willing to take a leap towards my dreams without letting fear stop me.

My Comments:

This month has me thinking about role models as well, and like you I am drawn to personal role models rather than presidents, business owners, or celebrities.  It is wonderful that your mom has been so successful and is a chance taker.  She will be very helpful with your future in your school district uncertain.  I think I still have some more work to do next year in my school, but after that I want to see what other doors open after our degree from Full Sail.  I think we have many tools to affect and motivate students without being a classroom teacher.  It is very exciting to think what the future may bring for us!

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  1. Cyndi,
    I would like to be a fly on the was when you present your new ideas about “Do we approach our vision by looking in the rear view mirror and addressing things that need to be changed? Or do we look forward at where we want to be as a school community?” Both are very profound thoughts as they both require change. One is looking toward the past and the other to the future. It amazes me how much my thinking has changed since the reading of this book. Look to the future, I say now instead of looking at the past. The past is dead and gone. I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. We definitely come a long way from month one.