Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week Three: Wimba

This week has been a blur with teaching, family, and Full Sail. I realize that everyone is very busy this time of year, but I admit that I am drowning in commitments and trying to keep up.  I had already made arrangements to get my two younger boys to their baseball games and saxophone practice the night of Wimba so I could participate in the sharing session, but when my oldest then informed me that he was being honored at his high school that night at a ceremony, I knew that family comes first and I could not miss it.  So….. I had to rely on the archive and my amazing peers Amanda and David to meet with me in Google+ hangout and leaving feedback on my Google doc. 

The feedback they provided to me was very valuable.  My draft was very rough, and I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how to include the five required sections into my article.  Amanda helped me to see how I could include lit review information.  My problem was that my lit review was written before I changed teaching assignments and I ended up having to overhaul my entire Action Research project since it was no longer relevant with my new school.  So my lit review was no longer about my AR cycles.  They helped me to piece sources together from my lit review to be valid in my article.  David suggested I keep the images of the comics used in my Action Research.   Help with APA formatting and overall flow was given. 

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