Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week Two: Comment on Golda's post

wk2 comment #1: Golda Lawson-Cohen

9 dot puzzelIt’s all invented and the 9 dot puzzle got me thinking how linear I sometimes get when trying to figure out a solution to a problem. This holds true when I am working on keeping motivated on something. It doesn’t matter what that something is but thinking outside the box helps in solving how to keep that motivation going even when I feel less motivated because I tell myself that the choice is to do it now and get it done or do it later and have it over my head.
Another story I would like to share is when I had the opportunity to teach small local college computer applications. With the start of each class, I would have students so worried about their GPAs that they would have a terrible time in focusing on the material that was being taught. At first, I would attempt to calm them down with saying, “you do the work, and you will get the A.” After reading the chapter about “Giving an A” I realized that if I just gave them the A that they wanted the course would have gone smoother. It is in retrospect that I realize that administration would not care for this idea. So starting out with the A and having points taken off would probably show the student that if they worked hard the A would still be there ev
en with a few points taken off and that they were human. Somehow

, it would be a win-win situation. Administration would get what they wanted and the student would have less stress knowing that they had the A to start with and it would be up to them to keep it. This is definitely a spinoff of what our book has to say. I found it a good compromise.


I like that you start your post with the 9 dot problem. I am sad to admit that I could not figure it out. I was doing exactly what he said, trying to use the dots without considering that I didn’t have to use them as a border. I tend to be linear like you when solving a problem. But I will say that Full Sail has me considering solutions that I would not have in the past.
I also enjoy how you came up with a “compromise” for the Easy A idea. When grades must be given, and administration is looking for a bell curve, not every students receiving an A, teachers are stuck in the middle of what may be best for our students’ learning and satisfying administration demands. Well done!

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