Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Have I said before that I love to stay organized?  Or maybe I should rephrase that to I NEED to stay organized.  I hate clutter; it overwhelms me and makes me anxious.  My classroom reflects that, as it is open, things are filed or shelved, and I do not have that "catch-all" desk or countertop that has a huge pile of anything and everything (it is shoved into a desk drawer out of site if I am super crazy busy and can't deal with it immediately!).  This is why watching Lynda's iMovie Essential Training chapter on Organizing Clips made me jump for joy.  

I have been using iMovie for 3 months now, and everything I have worked on remains just as it was.  I did not know anything about how tagging, keywords, rating, and removing unwanted clips.  This is what my iMovie looked like before I started organizing:

As you can see, my Project Library was filled with creatively named projects (New Project 1, New Project 2...), my Event Library was similarly creative (New Event Day 1, New Event Day 2..), and I still had every video clip that I had ever imported coming up on my screen.  Obviously, the organizer in me needed to fix that after I learned how to deal with this on Lynda.  So I got to work.  

Now my Project Library now has all projects with appropriately named titles such as "Australian Outback" and "Interview with Chad Henderly".  Much better than New Project 5!  I spent the most time organizing my Event Library.  Now I can easily find the clips I want of my son's SJJ Snowboarding Trip, Mudhens Kids Run the Bases day, or Caleb and Will on the Half Pipe.  Much less time consuming than searching through events 1-50.  While this took some time, I agree with the Lynda presenter that it will save me hours in the long run.  I am so happy to be organized in iMovie!


  1. Now that I read that I need to do exactly that. My projects are named but now I know how to organize them. Now only if I can find the time! TIME what is that lol. I am impressed that you got your projects all cleaned up. I will have to do the same. I'll let ya know when that happens

  2. David, there are never enough hours in the day!